Deciding to seek therapy, you may experience challenging emotions, or resistance. Having come as far as checking my website you may be ready.

Heal yourself, and the rest will fall into place.. 

Issues covered (in detail):

Relationship issues:

  1. Have you got relationship challenges you would like to understand and resolve?
  2. Is your struggle to do with family or friends who feel challenging? Perhaps you want to help them but don't know how.

Identity issues:

  1. Do you find yourself faced with difficult questions, or dilemmas about who you are? Maybe you find it increasingly difficult to live in an ever changing society, and just want a safe space to find inner peace, and speak your mind.
  2. Are you struggling with your self image, body image, sexuality, your culture, race, ethnicity or your age?
  3. Are you struggling to integrate into British society?
  4. Do you struggle with isolation?

Well-being issues:

  1. Do you experience anxiety, stress, sadness, depression or panic attacks?

Work related:

  1. Do you find yourself stuck at work?
  2. Perhaps you want to work through issues to support you with conflict resolution at work?
  3. Is there a way you behave that you would like to change but don't know how?

Bereavement and Trauma

  1. Have you lost a loved one, or have experienced loss?
  2. Have you suffered a trauma, perhaps in an accident, or due to sudden ill health?
  3. Do you feel you can't be close to anyone?

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