Please note that due to the location of my office space, I am currently unable to cater for wheelchair users.

1 – An Initial consultation. This is a single session, which we can use to meet, and have a relaxed conversation about what you would like out of therapy. This will also serve as an initial assessment. I will ask you in-depth questions to explore deeply your current issues, and learn about your background. This consultation will help me establish which approach is most likely to suite you best. I will be reviewing my approach over the course of the therapy to adjust more sensitively and precisely to your needs. Your feedback will be an important factor in shaping the work to suit your changing needs over time, and to provide us with important information that will be of benefit to your therapy.

We will discuss our treatment agreement. This will include issues like confidentiality, the ethical framework, and boundaries that will ensure the safety of our work together. This discussion will include more practical issues like time of sessions, location and cost.

The initial consultation is a one-off session. It is our opportunity to see without commitment to any further sessions if we would like to work together. If we decide to work together then we can arrange our regular sessions.

2 – We will commence therapy once per week at my practice. This will either be on long term, or short term bases. This choice will be informed by the issues presented.


Sessions for individuals are £50 – £75 per session.

Sessions for couples are £75 per session.

Sessions for bereavement group therapy are £40 per person/per session, 


All individual sessions are 50 minutes long.

All couple sessions are 75 minutes long.

Further information about any of the above services can be obtained by email or phone.

Call me to start on 075 3320 4269

Email to start.