Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy

TA is a psychoanalytic theory that focuses  on the analysis of interactions in the here and now with the clients. I practice Relational Transactional Analysis which uses the relationship as a means to bring out and examine dynamics and meanings that are not otherwise available to the clients. This process enriches the awareness of clients and enables them to develop deeper self-knowledge and awareness of what they experience and how to make the changes they desire.

Professionals from other modalities of psychotherapy like Behavioural,  Psychoanalytical, Humanistic or Relational have integrated theories and tools into TA, bringing the TA practitioners a wealth of tools and modes of thinking. This offers me flexibility in thinking about the specific needs of my individual clients.

The main unit of analysis in Transactional Analysis is the transaction, represented by a single communication. This will trigger a response creating a communication that, if uninterrupted could continue indefinitely between the two individuals.


TA defines the human personality by three ego states. Each transaction we use to communicate with one another originates from one of the three ego states.

The aim of TA is to work to strengthen the adult ego states to enable people to communicate from their adult, while taking into account their valid emotions, and their total experience in their child and parent ego states.